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In a few days the busy highway will host workshops, chess or foosball tournaments, fashion shows, dance and muic performances. A part of Prague’s Magistrala will become an open stage, a laboratory of spontaneous actions, coming thus closer to a real urban feeling. This new life should prove that the alternative exists!

CCEA has been working actively on the topic of the Prague Magistrala since 2010. Our aim is to support the transformation of the Magistrala into an environment where cars, pedestrians, cyclists and public transport can coexist, where trees grow, where there are benches to sit on, and where plenty of bars, restaurants, shops, galleries, and new important city buildings can be found. At first, we started discussion on the level of the City Hall, subsequently the negotiations moved to the level of individual districts, and in 2012, as the outcome of these debates, the ”Initiative for the Humanization of the Magistrala“ was created within the districts of Prague 2, 4 and 7. This year the discussion is moving to the public level via the Open Stage at the busiest spot of this North-South highway, at I. P. Pavlova. We are testing its new form!

Open Stage I.P.Pavlova“ is a public happening with temporary installations, markets, bars and services. The space will be designed as a frinedly urban garden with furniture and stage for the artists. It will be open for public every day from 10am to 10pm with a cultural program, but also as a hang-out spot to just sit and relax, have a coffee, beer or sandwich. The public will be welcome to participate on the program, and also to just chill out there and enjoy.

The Open Stage will start by the artistic performance of Patrik Hábl, who will define its area by his large-scale Painting 300m2 – a background for the spontaneous action. To name only a few of more than 80 participants, we can mention DJ Lumiere (29.7.) or music ensamble Prague Modern (27.7.). There will be four movie nights by Aerofilms, design market Dyzajn na Ípaku and every day a flashmob action. Children are not forgotten in the program, they can play with artistic group Enfant Terrible or paint and draw at the workshops by Marie Vymazalová

The performances are free of charge for the public.

The public can participate actively by their performance or in the form of:


Zanechat Odpověď

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